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When it’s time for a full roof replacement, world-class workmanship isn’t optional — it’s required. That’s why you should choose Halbrook Quality Roofing. We’re a GAF Master Elite™ certified roofing contractor with the experience, skill, and commitment to get the job done right the first time. Under our care, your property will stay safe and dry for decades to come.

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When it’s time for a full replacement, make sure you choose the experts at Halbrook Quality Roofing. From the moment you contact us to the day we wrap everything up and leave you to enjoy your new roof, we treat you with care and respect. Most importantly, we handle every detail, including:


Shingle Removal


Deck Inspection & Repair


Underlayment Application


Shingle Installation


Flashing Installation


Drip Edging/Gutter Installation

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The Importance of Roof Replacement

While it is not literally the foundation of your home, your property’s roof is the comfort and safety that your home provides to residents and guests. Without a properly functioning roof, there are many threats to the safety of the occupants inside. A weak or malfunctioning roof can bring about water damage, improper insulation, and even the potential to collapse into the rest of the house below. It is not wise nor recommended to ever put off roofing services or cut corners in this type of process. A true replacement conducted by professionals, such as Halbrook Quality Roofing, is the only route to quality and satisfactory performance of your roof for years or decades to come.

Details of Roof Replacement

It is not common for a homeowner to have the skills or even want to replace their entire roof on their own. The process involves reverse engineering and continued construction efforts until the replacement roof is fully assembled, and a homeowner on their own time will not be able to quickly and effectively implement these practices. Details that are taken into great consideration and care when conducted by professionals include the following.

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Shingle Removal

Shingle removal is the first step in a full roof replacement effort. After laying down tarps to protect your landscaping, we’ll pull off your old shingles and collect them in a carefully positioned dumpster. This will ensure that we minimize any damage or unnecessary waste throughout the removal process. We’ll then transport the shingles off of the site and dispose of them properly.

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Deck Inspection & Repair

Before we lay down new shingles, we need to make sure your roof’s foundation is solid. The foundation of the roof provides the sturdiness needed to ensure that it will not cave or collapse. In addition, it is the last barrier to ensure there is no interior water damage in the presence of precipitation. We scrutinize every square inch of the foundation and repair any weaknesses we find.

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Underlayment Application

The next step in the process is the application of waterproof underlayment. This all-important waterproof barrier goes down before new shingles. In times of heavy rain or continued pile-up of snow in the winter, this barrier will help ensure that no matter how wet the shingles are getting, this precipitation will not leak into the foundation of the roof and the floors below. Our company customizes the type of underlying waterproof material based on which shingles you’ve chosen for your new roof.

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Shingle Installation

The bulk amount of time and effort will then go into the installation of each shingle onto the roof. One roof can have hundreds if not thousands of shingles, all of which need to evoke a sense of unity and purposefulness. Using our team’s years of experience and dedication, we install shingles with care and commitment to the highest quality work. By positioning and anchoring each shingle into the perfect spot, we account for and strive for optimal performance and beauty.

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Flashing Installation

Flashing ensures that areas of the roof that are not uniform or made for a simple underlay/shingle installation get the proper treatment that they deserve. If your home has any roof valleys, skylights, or chimneys on the top surface, flashing installation from Halbrook Quality Roofing will ensure that moisture flows away from these structural features.

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Drip Edging / Gutter Installation

Some of the final touch-ups that go into place during a roof replacement process include drip edging and gutter installation. These features are generally made for two reasons. The first reason is to prevent prolonged moisture to sit on the roof and potentially seep through the multiple layers into the foundation of the roof or below. The other reason is to ensure that water is flowing and dripping into areas of the external property that are not as heavily trafficked. You wouldn’t want your roof to drain right into your home’s entranceway, so we make sure that this possibility does not become true. We’ll equip your roof to transport moisture away from your home’s foundation, prolonging the entire structure’s lifespan.

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Halbrook Quality Roofing is committed to bettering the integrity, duration, and satisfaction of our clients’ roofs. Our company has been replacing roofs for years, and our dedication to the craft makes us a great option for potential clients. We approach a start-to-finish model at our company, meaning that we will complete any job that is assigned to us without the need for subcontracting or other gimmicks. Your roof deserves the best, you deserve the best, so contact us today to get a quote on your upcoming roof replacement process. We serve Northeastern Georgia and Western North Carolina, so claim your free inspection today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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